Why Healthy Boundaries are Key

Why Healthy Boundaries are Key

Let’s talk about healthy boundaries, people pleasing and why it is so important to find balance in your relationships.

Having strong and healthy boundaries, commitment and consistency are your base for achieving all your goals. Your own journey must become sacred to you, so you hold it dear and value it.

The moment you yourself become sacred to you, is when you will consciously choose you over distractions. I am more than aware, that there are things in our daily lives that we „have to do“, but knowing that you have the power to choose and work on creating change will give you liberation. Things are not happening to you and we all have free will.  How you perceive yourself and who you are changes over time.

Getting less available to other people and situations will open space in you, to get to know yourself better and better whilst integrating the wisdom you receive.

Remember your energy follows your attention. Choosing aware and consciously to what and whom you give your energy matters. Also, if knowing that a situation or person might be challenging, take time for self love and care around that time. The more you get to value yourself, the more sacred your energy will become. Reminding you that also time and money are forms of energy. as well as the food you eat or the products you use.

Some situations might even come  into your life as forms of distractions asking you to stay committed to yourself and consistent.

Ask yourself daily: „How do I show up for myself?“

The dedication, love and value that you grow inside of you, will ripple out into the collective. There is a huge difference in being ignorant and having healthy boundaries. That is to say.

We are in a pivotal moment of time where we are asked to reflect on our relationships, first of all the relationship to ourselves and close people. But also our relationship with the current systems and governments. I am talking about all you are relating to, all you have an relationship with. This can also be things, places and environments.

Also if you relate to „people pleasing“ mentality this might become a theme now and asks for awareness and more balance. Not a balance in give and take, we do not wanna take anything from anyone. I am talking about the beauty of having balance in giving and receiving. Both feels good, anchored in gratitude, love and joy. Having in mind that choosing to please someone else, might mean, not choosing yourself. There are moments where we might observe that we are people pleasing with a specific action. But just by being aware of it, promising you to take better care of yourself the next time you might already find healing.

Some situations might create worries, confusion or anxiety within us – having boundaries to say no will benefit you. Prioritizing yourself is such a precious tool. Allowing yourself to prioritize you, give you the value of being worthy of being chosen. Get clear and honest with yourself in how much time you give to something outside of you. Some situations might come in and distract us from ourselves. Where and in whom or what dare you investing your energy? Some might even ask: „How to even get a feeling of what is really good for me and what isn’t?“ The more and more you start getting aware of creating a balance, the easier it will get to sense what is filling your cup and what is creating energy leaks. And I know we all have our lives and some tasks and I am not talking about being a master in that craft. I am opening the space to hold your energy sacred, to value your time and attention and to see you as the worthy person that you are.

Take this time of the year to reflect on your relationships and on creating balance in your life. Ask yourself what belief systems you hold in how you have to show up for others and in how worthy you are. Look at your work relationships, your family, your ex partners or current partners and friends. Look into all kinds of relationships, again first look into yourself, and be honest. You deserve to be chosen and valued.

You might even start a journal to take notes in what felt good to you and what drains you energy or who filled your cup and who created energy lack inside of you. This will help you see where you are asked to take action. Evaluate your energy management and allow your emotions around that to be released. The timing is perfect!

How to create healthy boundaries? How to stop people pleasing? How to even sense what is uplifting or draining to me?  Don’t rush into it. The moment you bring focus and attention to this, you are already transforming. Like a muscle you will train in your own timing to create healthy loving boundaries for yourself.

Seek assistance in that. There are many experts on that, here to support you, I am one of them. The process of creation takes time and patience as well as your commitment and consistency.

Start little to say no to those things you can, that drain you and allow yourself to do something instead that feels good to you. Even if it feels uncomfortable at the beginning as it is new to you, every yes to yourself, counts and will be rewarded by you love for yourself.

One last reminder at the end of this message, I know that even if you are able to see and inspire others on their journey, in being the muse for those around you. It is not your purpose to awaken others highest qualities whilst loosing yourself in other people’s journey. You will never loose this quality, but for your own journey you must discover your own path and identity. That’s what comes with your own awakening. Having healthy boundaries for yourself will help you in keeping the balance of having both. Then you nurture others and pour into their cups while doing the same for yourself. When your own cup is filled, you give from an overflowing love and heart.

All my love

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