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Choosing a path of coming home in yourself is the most courageous and beautiful journey of all. Being received by this world as your unique self, in your power and true potential is the most precious gift for all of us.

Welcome, I am Sheila and I am so happy you are here!

I am in service for you and this earth to remember our true power and potential by holding space for you to remember who you are, birth yourself new again and again and meet yourself in your truth. Reminding us to come back home into our hearts and create a reality filled with love, compassion and alignment. All of this by truly embodying the sacredness of being feminine and a woman.

Holding a loving and nourishing space for you to receive yourself, I am following the Feminine Path of anchoring vulnerability, trust, wisdom and surrendering for you to open up to yourself and allow yourself to be seen and fully awaken your power.

Experience the power and beauty to be received as who you are, held in a safe and sacred environment.

Knowing yourself, your own needs and being able to take care of you is the highest form of self empowerment and the base to fulfillment and happiness.

I love to call myself a Dream Doula – guiding you to birth yourself new and to birth your dreams and desires by letting go of beliefs, patterns and habits that do not serve this new sparkling version of you.

I am in service for all of us to remember our feminine essence and to establish balance and harmony within. By connecting more and more with yourself, you start honoring yourself, life and others and you remember the sacredness of being alive.

All my offerings are truly unique and infused with my own medicine and truly priceless. I started my journey with studying economics in Vienna focusing on social politics, distribution politics and gender economics. In all of that my focus was on how we as a society and world can support each on of us to live in their highest power and potential, fulfilled and happy. The same years  i studied comparative literature at the University of Vienna, aiming to understand human nature, emotions, relationship dynamics,  ancestral trauma and collective remembrance.

Soon discovering that it is the family that is the center of each society and needs care and attention. I started to study at a families and children therapist school .and working in creating healthy and harmonious families for many years. In this time I witnessed that it is the mother who in our society is not seen and supported enough in all that she is offering and holding. I birthed the Doula within me and started to work with mothers birth and pregnancy. Wishing for all mothers and babies to experience a self empowered birth, being seen and heard in her needs and honored as a woman and mother.

Every macroeconomic system starts in the womb of a mother, we tend to forget about that. Each on of us experiences the time in a womb of a mother, in the body of a woman. I remind all of us to honor the feminine nature. 

It is the Womb Space that is the magical portal to the depth of human nature and all that is. Here it all began, here we remember. Yet so much trauma and woundings are held in our Womb. So much sexual trauma, abuse and blockages are stored here. By connecting to your sacred center, you awaken your power to create. Following my own inner calling to heal and remember I now hold space for you, no matter what gender to connect to your womb and heart and heal sexual trauma, ancestral trauma and distortion.

Working with life, birth and sexuality guided me me to honor the cycles of life, the cycles of death and rebirth and I started my guidance and mentorships in guiding you through the phases of life and through your own shadow and into your own light. Alchemizing your woundings into your greatest gifts and aligning with your highest potential.

The Rebozo Ritual entered my life as a powerful tool to mark those sacred moments of death and rebirth. Fully being witnessed, honored and received. I am amazed by the power of this ancient ritual.

I am writing about life, empowerment and remembrance. Through listening deeper and deeper I got reminded in how much we have forgotten who we are, how distorted our sexuality is and how disconnected we are from our true nature. I saw how we as a collective long to remember who we are, to create fulfillment, happiness and alignment in our lives and to connect with our heart and own vulnerability. Ti fully open up to ourselves and a life in union and balance. I got initiated as a Guardian of the Akashic records channeling the Cosmic Mother, the Cosmic Womb and stories that help us to remember.

Following my own longing to feel alive and in alignment Life Force Activations entered my life and infused me with life force and creative energy. They are an amazing and powerful tool to awaken you to your true essence, to gain clarity, relief stress and trust in life and your own path. By opening up your heart, clearing and cleansing what no longer serves you, your frequency changes and you start attracting those opportunities and relationships in your life that resonate with your truth. 

Today after years of choosing to evolve and meet myself I am happier than ever before, feeling authentic and in my power, relaxed and in deep trust. I wann share my own experience with you, all the beautiful teachings i received from all over the world, form so many teachers that i truly honor and from be being a receptive channel of universal wisdom and a woman of remembrance.

I am so grateful to walk this sacred path of remembrance. Isn’t it the greatest gift to meet ourselves in our truth, love and authenticity. Being seen, accepted, loved and honored as who we are.

It is your BIRTHRIGHT to be WORTHY

It is your birth right to be here – you are worthy to be received, welcome and cared for and you are worthy to live and experience your dreams.

Every dream and idea has the highest potential to be birthed and we are here to experience the vastness and abundance of this planet and human experience.

All my Love


For any further informations or questions, I warmly welcome you to contact me.