Welcoming Vulnerability as your Superpower!

Welcoming Vulnerability as your Superpower!

Let’s talk about vulnerability. To allow yourself to be seen and your truthful you in your essence. To give yourself the freedom to be and to feel deeply who you are.

But how to know deep inside of you, who you are, what your soul is longing for, what your heart is hungry for?

It’s scary, isn’t to be yourself in a world that has forgotten to be authentic. In giving myself the space to be vulnerable, I am able to hold space for others to be themselves, but thats’s easy said. How is it about living and being that way? What needs to change in you, what do you need to be that, who you are?

Ask yourself: „What is missing to feel safe to allow myself to be seen?“ There is compassion and self worth, trust, love and acceptance but also all our fears, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being lovable, the fear of shining your light.

We are mostly made out of water. Water is our emotions and feelings but we are trained to not feel, especially to not feel what really is there inside of us, behind all masks that we learn to wear. We learn to close ourselves off, of the world and ourselves. Making experiences of loss and pain that force us to close our hearts to survive. We need to relearn compassion, first with ourselves and then with others. As an adult i learned that I am safe, loved and worthy to be seen and slowly started my journey to vulnerability. Like a seed that i planted long ago, first growing under the surface, not even seen. My flower of vulnerability is growing and growing and all the gifts I met on my way are bringing me back to where I came from.

Our society mostly isn’t able to support us in that journey. To many grown up children that haven’t healed themselves are our leaders.

But why is it that we are scared to be vulnerable? To be vulnerable feels open and exposed, feels seen by others and ourselves. And then we have to stand that, which sometimes feels uncomfortable and even scares us. We more often learn to hide our true self, we learn to have our heart guards high up, watching out that no one can hurt us.

To be vulnerable can feel intense, but it also softens our heart. We learn to see with the eyes of compassion, love and acceptance. We learn to take care, slow down, trust our intuition and be open hearted.

There are moments in our life where we meet our vulnerability, like in giving birth to a child, or when we are menstruating. You meet your sensitivity and how your surroundings affect you or even overburden you.

To meet your vulnerability during giving birth can be overwhelming. In this moment of pure openness and exposedness to yourself and all the other people around you. It is definitely worth reflecting on this. How did that affect you? How was it for you to be seen in your vulnerability by all the doctors, nurses, midwifes your partner, your doula? And how does it feel now while going back to this moment of your life? Most often your are not prepared for this. There a courses you can access in „how to“ give birth, nurse etc. but how to hold space for yourself in your openness, in your vulnerability barely exist. Giving birth is an all natural process. But as we learned to disconnect from nature it often feels difficult to surrender, to let go, to open up, to indulge fully, to let nature take over – especially when others are watching you, disrespect your boundaries, touch you, examine you, talk to you, interrupt you – and most often do not even see YOU.

But your softness, your vulnerability is exactly what this world needs. There is nothing like being to sensitive. And you don’t have to keep yourself small in feeling deeply. You can even see your softness as an act of strength in a society that is mostly driven by fastness, performance, judgement, punishment or mistrust. You deserve to allow yourself to be seen in your sensitivity, knowing that you aren’t too much.

In being vulnerable I see you and I feel you and in your vulnerability you see and feel others. Especially for the children it is important to give and hold space for vulnerability as they are learning and programming what we show them. And being sensitive and vulnerable is a definitely superpower worth having.

Love Sheila

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