The Art of Resting

The Art of Resting

I explored resting as a superpower the last couple of weeks. Allowing myself to rest, even when everything around me is still going on in high speed. I say high speed, because compared to the tempo i was living, everyone else was rushing. I started reflecting on the speed of life, on the intensity of life and how to find the middle path in being present but still feeling alive. Inhaling aliveness and on the same time being grounded and centered. Filling my cup and being in balance within my daily life. Life is so delicate, so precious. If you don’t take care and act the power of awareness, it can finish so fast, a dear sister said to me. Days, months, years are rushing by and at some moments in your life you hold still and ask yourself, where did time go? Resting brings you back into presence. Not resting in bed, sleeping. But finding your own tempo, your individual rhythm and allowing yourself to be you. To do it different than the mass, than your ancestors, than your loved ones. Marching to the beauty and rhythm of your own drum of your own heartbeat.

We rarely are used to take it slow. Our nervous system is overstimulated most of the day, even difficult to calm down at night, leading  often to insomnia. Our mind is always working, never still. But it is in stillness where we can hear the deep voices within us and find clarity, where ideas are born, where decision making forms – simply where we allow ourselves to just be, we experience the richness of life. Resting is a high act of self care and no one should feel guilty for that. And the beautiful thing is, the more you allow yourself to just be, the more relaxed you get, the less guilty you will feel. So I give you here one of the most basic but yet least practiced self care tools. And because it is so uncommon to rest and just be, it is so hard to find acknowledgement for it from outside. Here it is all about finding strength within, rewarding yourself with love, compassion and patience. Nourishing yourself, caring for yourself, filling your cup and unlearning the fastness of life while remembering your need for balance. Not everyone will have understanding for you, but the ones that do, they will adore you for being you.

And as it is still winter and hibernation time, resting is even easier now as it is aligned with the season. It is a time where we can gain clarity, where we gain power, where we reflect and go inwards to blossom again in spring. Once resting becomes a habit for you, your tempo will slow down without  having to make a big effort  to do so and you will be able to create more time for yourself throughout the day.

Ask yourself, what makes you truly feel alive. Ask yourself what daily tasks can you let go off, to create time for stillness and rest. Resting can also mean going for a walk, lying in your hammock, spending time in nature, taking a herbal bath and much more. But it is about being present in the now, relaxing your mind and body. Doing one thing at a time. Even if you know your are good at multi tasking, let go of this habit to allow yourself to fully experience the present moment.

If you feel uncomfortable while practicing the art of just being and slowing down. Look deeper within and start reflecting.What tempo did your parents show you, was there time to rest? What is society expecting from you and is this what you yourself need? Allow yourself to connect with your tempo. Allow yourself to fully dive into your, call it yin energy into devotion, into passivity, into your femininity and rest.

Love Sheila

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