How a Monther’s Stress Hormones influence the Baby

How a Monther’s Stress Hormones influence the Baby

I am reading. Suddenly a stream of information runs through me. Many of our, of my believe systems already have been programmed during my moms pregnancy. When my moms stress hormones crossed the placenta barrier they entered my field. During pregnancy a continuous flow of information runs from the mother to the baby. If a mother isn’t able to feel safe and protected, isn’t able to feel that her partner and loved ones can take care of her needs and support her she is in desperate need of security an her fetus as well. If she is experiencing stress, this causes stress for her baby. Thus a programming based on that stress level is given to the fetus. This doesn’t stop at our family system. If the macro-system and the politics aren’t able to create and provide a solid and secure base for mothers and their family they are failing in their responsibility to create safety. Cause isn’t it the families that we have to take care the most to create a healthy and harmonious future?

That’s the place were we are growing up were we get most of the programming and believe systems that we are dealing with as adults. If a mother isn’ able to feel safe and protected through her environment her inner landscape will represent a reality to her in which she cannot trust to be supported. Think of your own mother, how was her environment during her pregnancy with you. How was her partnership and her relationship to family members? Was there a support system around her? How was the system supporting woman, mothers and families in that times? How was the health care system and the way women were supposed to give birth at that times? Or was your mother in the lucky place that she could rely on others, receiving support, setting up an inner landscape for you to feel safe and held where you can trust in others to hold space and be supportive. That’s the base for your relationships and if you are able to feel safe where you are. It’s the base from where you build up your reality. Either having a basic believe of a world that is safe and supportive or a world in which you cannot rely on others to be held and protected. I am setting the intention to meditate on this, to journey through the years back to the times when my mother was pregnant with me. Was she feeling safe at that times? How is my own relationship to receiving help from others? I am in one part of myself still that baby in my mothers womb. If there are triggers and believe systems that  do not resonate with me as I wanna be or am right now, i will closely look at them. 

Do you know the feeling and thoughts of having no support, the need to do all by yourself  and not being  able to ask for help. The feeling of having to carry a lot in your relationships?

The lack of balance in  partnerships, carrying a lot of weight, feeling exhausted  and alone. The feeling that there is no one to really trust that he or she are able to support you, that you can do better alone? Always being the caretaker, the one giving until your cup is almost empty. How beautiful must it be to feel safe and protected wherever you are? Knowing that there is a system of supporters willingly to help you, holding space for yourself and others? As everything starts with you, you have to do the inner work on that. By learning to trust yourself, you gain the feeling of being safe, cause you know you have yourself on your back. By reprogramming your old believe system your reality changes. With having your base of trust and safety in yourself and life itself. Life will start unfolding on a new landscape for you. There won’t be a condition on others that they need to be something that you are able to feel safe. When you start feeling safe from the deepest parts of your being your environment will adjust to that new reality. I do not want a condition for my loved ones that they have to  give me the support that i was lacking as a child, I would feel demanding to them as I do so. That’s a lot I would ask for. But by knowing that I can fully rely on myself in a world that is supportive every other person is welcome to be there for me. Is that the solution I was asking for? 

Checking on myself today. I am able to take care of my needs, to feel them and express them to others. I know that I am safe in my body and that I can trust myself. I know how to fill my cup, that it is full enough to share my gifts with others.  The baby in my mothers womb has grown up, learned to take responsibility for herself, is a mature woman today. By feeling all of that I also do feel compassion for this little Baby, not even born and yet feeling her mother so strong, maybe she didn’t always have a basic feeling of safety, support and trust. I am seeing that part of my inner child as well, that one that needs to be seen in her needs. And I feel compassion for her, I feel love and I hold her in that experience in my arms, like a mother is holding her child. Only that I am the mother for myself in that moment. That’s healing and I instantly feel my heart softening. The womb of the mother could be the safest place on earth. Protected, hearing your mothers heart beat, diffuse noises, it’s warm and cozy. And on the same hand there is the deep connection to your mother and her feelings. What she is experiencing in her pregnancy has a direct impact on yourself and your life. Like many other Babys I was, as well as all the beauty of my mother experiencing the stress of her one on one. How does that thought feel to you? You are definitely not alone, when this triggers you. We are still living in a reality where mothers are not seen and supported the way they should need to be. The macro-system and politics have clearly not yet set the focus on mothers and their children. 

I feel compassion  for my inner Baby that experienced a lack of safety in paradise caused through the dysfunctional environment outside the womb. I am holding myself, giving warmth and love to myself, feeling that I am safe in this present moment, that I have my own safe place in myself. That now there is no lack of support any more. My believe system has definitely changed. I have an inner landscape of a world that’s safe, that I can trust and that there are people able to give support. I am able to receive and joyfully welcoming support from outside. I also set the intention to be more aware on where I am able to receive support and being grateful for that to manifest that even more. Did you know that gratitude is the feeling you need to focus on when wanting to receive. One Mantra for the way: I am able to enjoy support from others and I am deeply grateful for that. 

Love Sheila 

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