Life Comes in Cycles – Birthing a New You

Life Comes in Cycles – Birthing a New You

As we are having a full moon in the sign of scorpio today I felt like using that energy to remind us that life comes in cycles of constant death and rebirth. Start seeing life as a cyclic experience that is meant to support you in your growth and evolution brings a lot of acceptance, compassion and trust in your view of life itself.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and belongs to the element of water. To say it simple the water represents our emotions and this moon cycle supports you in releasing that what does not longer serve you and is catapulting you into your most powerful version of yourself.

Ask yourself what is truly holding you back from going after your dreams? 

I am talking about believes of not being worthy or the fear of what others think of you to give just two examples.

What is deep inside of you that wants to be seen and taken care of or birthed into the world?

What emotions need to be felt and released in order to really be true to yourself and not hide away from what is inside of you. By letting go of the layers and layers of stored emotions you hold,  you meet your most powerful self. As this is were the true gems are. When you start alchemizing your fears, pain and hurts into self empowerment, love and compassion.

Letting go always asks courage from us and I bow to each one of you for letting go again and again as I know how much resistance there is to let go of the things, people, places, habits, believes that are familiar to us and might even create a feeling of safety. 

Usually it takes time and patience to shed our skin and it is all the little baby steps, the positive words we speak to ourselves and knowing that we are always doing our best possible that allows us to trust the process and be compassionate with ourselves.

I am talking here about believes. We so often hear this word but have you ever looked into it’s essence: A believe is what you accept as true or reality. That is what is shaping your life and creation! It is worth the effort to find out what believes you hold and choose which one you resonate with to keep and which ones are not even yours.

As a Doula I do support you in birthing your babies, but what about birthing your dreams and new you? The process of birthing a new version of yourself is another huge and pivotal moment in humans lives and comes with a lot of emotions.

But as always I do encourage you to go deep, to get to know yourself, to birth yourself new again and again as each time you peel another layer of patterns, believes, thought forms, habits etc. that are not aligned with your highest truth anymore.

Think of your life in chapters, how exciting to have a blank white page in front of you waiting for yourself to tell your story. And by time you will recognize that you yourself are becoming your own storyteller and that things you tell yourself are becoming your reality.

You might experience all of that as waves or ups and downs but with the knowledge that this is part of human experience and part of your own evolution and part of living in cycles as nature does allows you to expand and relax into that. Letting go of the resistance of change is a huge gift to awaken.

And always know that every new beginning starts with and ending. Or the other way around. Honor the past and welcome the new, in balance. Nothing is better that the other. Death and birth always come together.

Have you ever put focus on your daily life and observed all the little and big endings and beginnings you experience?

All the chapters you lived, all the relationships you had all the phases you went through.

Starting to see life as a cyclic journey brings so much relaxation and allows you to become soft in your heart. Letting go of judgement and and the fear of failure helps you a lot in that. Big words I know, but as I said all the little baby steps are worthy and each time your consciousness expands to new ways of thinking and believing you are already in the process of transforming and then it might seems suddenly the new enters your life. But if you look closer you will see how much time and attention, what is your energy, you have put into that to happen.

When my clients ask me, how I am birthing myself and new versions I always remind us on consistency, commitment, discipline as a high form of self love, patience and trust. Of course there is so much more to say on how this looks in detail and daily life.

The more work I put into myself, the more I surrendered to life and it’s cycles, the more I learned to accept my own process of growth and the less resistance I built to change. Every new me I birthed is exciting and refreshing and was so worth the journey of looking into myself and going through that what I first did not want to meet.

Loving myself and life more and more. Seeing myself as part of nature, connecting to the seasons, to my cycle as a woman and to all the other cycles that my story has.

A wonderful way to start, if you haven’t is to be aware of that, create space for a cyclic life and accept the human nature of change and transformation.

We command the water inside of us to move, we allow our emotions to move. Everything that is not moving gets stuck and creates blockages and that is when it is getting more and more uncomfortable and usually when this reaches it’s most uncomfortable point, we set the intention to change. This is also human nature, so be patient and compassionate with yourself. Stop and smell the roses and enjoy the way rather than focus on an end goal. Cause I tell you a little secret, the moment you reach that goal another goal is already on the horizon and therefore you will never truly arrive. You are always on the run, never good enough never in the now. Yet the present moment is all we have and so precious – knowing that every moment in itself  is already a death and rebirth and worth to be lived.

All my love


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