It is Safe to have a Soft Heart

It is Safe to have a Soft Heart

What do we need to be deeply contented? I observe my sister, how she is breastfeeding my seven day old niece, her first child. Bothe of them seem to be in total bliss in this moment of holiness. Security, that is what I am feeling while looking at them, diving into their energy. Safety, protection, freedom from danger and anxiety, trust –  all of that is is floating through me. I ask myself, in which moments do I feel contented? In which moments do you feel contented? What is it that makes you feel like that, what feelings are alive in you in that moments of pure contentedness?

It is about how you feel, what feelings are present? Feelings are connecting us to ourselves and therefore provide the ability to connect to others. To being able to feel deep and honest isn’t natural for us anymore. Sometimes it seems like we have forgotten to feel the full intensity of whats there in us. To listen deeply into ourselves and observe whats truly there, needed to be heard and seen. First we need to open up to ourselves before we are even able to open up to our relations and to everything else. We need to remember how we are emphatic beings, able to be compassionate. Being emphatic means to have the ability to feel into the person next to us, to connect with them on a deeper level. But first we need to remember to feel ourselves in all the pureness that we are. But as obvious as that is, we often learn to close ourselves off we forget to feel ourselves. Early on in live we experience our own vulnerability and as a form of self-protection close ourselves off of feeling deeply, feeling all that is. And so we tend to forget that our sensitivity is a superpower.

The process of reclaiming your right to be soft is healing and nurturing. Re-learning to listen to your emotions as a language your body speaks connects you deeply to yourself. And therefore you will learn to trust yourself and your feelings. By providing care for yourself with compassion and curiosity. And you will recognize that even though at times someone took advantage of your empathy, it wasn’t your fault  and you don’t need to harden your heart. There were moments in your life were you needed to protect your heart and you needed to close yourself off of your emotions, but now you know that it is impossible to filter what you gonna feel. If you feel deeply, you feel in full intensity. You feel the fullness of all that is. To only feel what feels good to us isn’t possible. To feel without judgement is pureness. To feel joy and sadness, anger and frustration, loss and gratitude without judging yourself. Learning to observe what is, to explore the depths of yourself and of being alive. This comes with self-responsibility. All of us are longing for contentedness, for happiness. So much is shown to us that seems to fulfill us. But how to take responsibility for our feelings and how to even open up for our feelings is something we do not learn in school. The path to fulfillment starts with opening up, remembering to be truthful and trustworthy. It’s about connecting with yourself so that you are even capable of receiving and feeling pure happiness when it’s there right in front of you.

Let that sink in for a moment…

How deep is your connection to yourself? How often during the day do you hold still to feel into yourself?

Before we gonna ask ourselves ! Am I happy?“, we should hold still, breath and ask: „Am I even able to receive the feeling of happiness“, „Am I sensitiv enough, to feel that?“

What do we need for happiness? What do you need for happiness? „Is it even safe for you to feel that?“

Love Sheila

  • Mary Murray
    Posted at 00:28h, 19 März Antworten

    Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

    • admin
      Posted at 18:22h, 29 März Antworten

      Hi Dear, thank you for your comment. It is my pleasure to offer more to that topic and I have already scheduled it for April. love Sheila

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