It is my Birthright to Be Worthy

It is my Birthright to Be Worthy

I am worthy, no matter what. It is my birthright to be.

Simple as that and yet this acknowledgement can be so difficult for us to feel and express. We tend to belief in many conditions bound to our worthiness. Yet  there is not even one!

You are born worthy and that has never changed. What has changed, is that you created beliefs of conditions around being worthy.

Have you ever seen yourself as energy?

Your energy is worthy, having you time is worthy, having you attention is worthy. Attention is energy and energy follows attention. You give worthiness to those things where you put your time and energy into.

More and more I ask myself „Where do I give my energy too?“ Asking:: „How much energy I give to myself?“ 

When I first started observing how I manage my energy, I was forced to face the fact, that the amount of energy I give to myself was little compared to what I had to give. That created a imbalance in giving and receiving and created  even more questions inside of me. Why do I choose others before me? Why do I value other people more than myself? Why are the dreams of other more important than my own? The more I looked into that, the more grief  I felt and the more I got asked to step up for myself, to choose myself and to create balance in my life but first of all to start believing that I am worthy of my own time and attention.

Worthiness is in it’s pure essence not conditioned, there is no explanation needed, iit does not have to be deserved. Though is sometimes feels so deeply blocked to feel worthy.

Why is it so difficult to just feel worthy? Why are there so many layers I have to unfold until I reach my core, my heart, my worthiness?

There is still a deep wounding of unworthiness in many of us.Usually it’s easier for us to see others worthiness than our own.

Limiting beliefs given by my family, put on myself, given  to me by others or given by society make me in my reality belief that I need to achieve or do to deserve to be worthy. This creates separation within myself. Yet it is for all of us to remember our wholeness, that there is no such thing as separation. Under all those critical layers is a tender heart that wants to be seen and nurtured.

I feel the amount of broken hearts outside in this world, that seek to feel truly connected, loved and united United with all parts of you. United with your own uniqueness, with your own nature.  Therefore it makes absolute no sense to compare us with others, as there is no one like you. No other energy is yours. Embrace it!

And just a little side note, that is not so little, if you let it sink. It is even easier to become yourself than to become any other person. Becoming yourself will always nourish a deep truth inside of you, a coherence that is not found outside.

What we truly seek through the comparison with others is confirmation,and approval of ourselves outside of us. Though the key is understanding that the only person that counts is you yourself. The moment you start realizing your own worthiness, your own uniqueness you start honoring your energy and time. From now on, having access to your time and energy  might be more difficult for others.


„I am worthy.“

What do you feel when you speak those words to yourself?

If there is pain or a feeling of disconnection or any other uncomfortable feeling in your body, in your heart, your shoulders, your stomach or somewhere else you might want to look deeper.

When I first spoke those words to myself it gave me a feeling of: „Am I really good enough,“ to feel that way, to dare to see me worthy, just simple as that. Worthy without conditions.

The belief of not being good enough, of not deserving to be loved, of not being lovable often comes from a blockage of feeling worthy. Meeting yourself with love and compassion is a key to alchemize this wound. Holding space for you and all the emotions you feel is another key, seeking support in that another tool. Even believing that we are worthy of support may be challenging for some of us.. This is what we call limiting beliefs given to us by ourselves or from the outside world. The good news is, that those limits can transform into our highest gifts by rewriting your story you can choose differently for yourself.


How your limiting beliefs could look like:

„If I suffer enough, I deserve a happy life.“

„if I heal enough, I deserve a loving partner.“

„if I reach this goal, I deserve a pause.“

this is just three examples of how those limits might look, if we make our value dependent on the external world and on conditions.


Remember: You were born worthy. You do not have to hustle or prove anything to deserve it. Hug yourself and tell yourself that you are worthy. Start to rewrite your story and tell you how worthy you are. Visualize the moment of your birth or other moments in your life, welcome you, tell yourself how loved and worthy you are.


After years and years of experiencing and supporting other on this journey, I know that valuing yourself is one of the keys to life a fulfilled and peaceful life. It is your birthright to be here, you belong here and you are so welcome to be here. Remembering that, unlocking that feeling of truly loving yourself, of truly feeling worthy is the greatest gift and definitely worth the journey. It is probably the most precious journeys, it is the journey to yourself.


A little tip <3

Work with the frequency of the rose to support you in that. Rose is a powerful medicine for self love, self care and setting healthy boundaries.

In my next blog I will focus on creating healthy boundaries and why this is so important for you to thrive in you essence.



all my love


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