I am Worthy – This is Eternal

I am Worthy – This is Eternal

A lot to say on worthiness, yet so simple it is.

So much to start with, worthiness is our birthright. Each and everyone born here is worthy, no matter what. I know sometimes it is uneasy for us to remember our own birthright as we seek validation inside or outside that proves us our own worthiness.

And one reason for that is that we, as a collective have a worthiness wound. The majority of us has simply forgotten about their birthright. Generation over generation we inherited this limiting belief from each other and deep inside of us we are  all seeking  to be worthy – to be good enough.

Here is the beauty in that. Often what we experience as lack, is exactly what we are seeking and calling in to remember and only through experiencing the lack of it, we remember the existence of it.

Not feeling good enough is connecting to way more than just feeling powerless and disconnected from ourselves and our own power – here we are confronted with our own shame or even hate.

I was doing this beautiful meditation the other day, sitting on a cliff looking at the sea and connecting deep with nature and life, when I realized that without seeing ourselves as worthy, we will never see this planet as worthy. We will never learn to take care of our environment, to honor it and treat it sacred. Without remembering and acknowledging our own worthiness, we cannot see the worthiness around us and we cannot value this planet, our home,  in it’s full abundance. Like a mother, this planet is abundantly taking care of us, giving uns  her beauty and resources. We need to feel worthy inside, to see and receive. This transformational journey starts within each one of us by remembering our birthright.

Usually we tend to try and find reasons that make us feel worthy and good enough. Or the other way around, what is even more common we try to find reasons why we are not good enough and not worthy. We hold expectations and often they are far out of reach and if we really reach them, we already have build new ones that are again hard to reach.  This cycle will continue as long as you wanna keep it alive and give power to those thoughts. 

It is not about convincing yourself that you are worthy it goes way deeper than that:

It is the simplicity of opening up to he fact that you are worthy, no matter what. Let me explain how it made klick for me: Imagine yourself freshly born on earth, innocent and pure, a newborn baby. How the f* should this baby not be worthy of being here and alive.The moment of birth worthiness is our right. We deserve to be here and to belong here and to be seen in our full worthiness. When we die, we are worthy, nothing has changed.

Judgement does not exist. Who am I to judge? Who am I to decide what and who is worthy, what measures do I even use for that and where are they coming from? It is never my role to judge who and what is worthy. We all are worthy and we cannot loose our own worthiness. You cannot loose who you are at the core.

We might try to shame ourselves and hate ourselves or a past version of ourselves. But in the bigger picture, this is just self-sabotaging. Deep inside we are love, deep inside we remember our own innocence and deep inside you never want to harm yourself.

Seeing your own worthiness comes a long with forgiving yourself your past decisions and choices and it comes with having compassion for yourself and acceptance that the past is the past and all you can do now is having loving compassion with yourself and accepting it. 

Accepting that in the NOW you are WORTHY.

Accepting that all you experienced is exactly how it is perfect for you and your own evolution. That one event creates the next and each and every experience is worthy and was obviously necessary, otherwise it would not have happened. Seeing that everything always works in your favor and if that still is too much to ask, at least accepting that it is what it is and that you are worthy no matter what. Forgiving yourself might be the most difficult part in that.

To me forgiving myself that I forgot how to see myself worthy and that I made choices that prove my misbelief in not being worthy came with a whole bunch of emotions. But that’s how it is. Being alive means to feel and to witness.

You are good enough – can you say that to yourself: I am good enough

What was really a difficult one for me was: True appreciation

Am I able to truly appreciate myself?
With all my aspects and  shadows. With all the things i first thought I would change in my past. I say first, cause today, I would not change anything, Am I able to come into peace with all aspects of myself, with all versions, with all the parts I blame and hate and cannot love and accept at first? Yes you can, who else should do it for you?

Usually we define our worthiness accordingly to some factors we use to measure or value it . The big secret is: There is nothing to value.
You must hold yourself sacred and worthy. You must appreciate yourself in all levels. You are born worthy and you dye worthy – that will never change. Worthiness is eternally.

Don’t even try to rate your successes and experiences. At the core you are worthy, coming from source energy, at the core you are love. Don’t try to tell you anything less than that.

What beliefs do you hold about worth? I guess a lot, as we all do. But deep inside there is only one:

I am worthy and this is my birthright

Who are you to justify your own existence? When I realized that I felt very small and almost silly. That’s right who am I to judge and justify? Would you ever judge a innocent baby, that is just born? We never even loose our innocence, we just forget about it through the layers and layers of false and limiting beliefs.

You have the same worth and potential as when you are born and you will still have it when you die.

You cannot loose something that is your birthright – worth is eternal and you are of infinite worth

What really helps is learning to appreciate yourself step by step and seeing where you are good enough. Grow that voice in your head that is telling you: you are worthy, you are good enough and you are appreciated. No judgement here. Seeing through the eyes of love.

It is a choice to acknowledge to be worthy, no matter what. Simply by owing and accepting your birthright. It is as if life offers you a gift and you refuse to receive it. There is another deep wounding that presents itself here to us and they are, of course, interconnected with each other. The wounding of the feminine principle to receive. usually this is because we do not feel worthy to receive and here we see the loop we are in.

Remembering your feminine essence. No matter what gender will help you remember your own worthiness. The feminine opens herself up to receive, to receive blessings but also support and wisdom. She is the embodiment of receiving. She sees her worthiness and sacredness. She is nature and holds worthiness for all existence. And she knows that existence and her own existence is worthy. That she is one with existence and that it is her nature to receive.

I know it takes time and effort to rewrite your beliefs but that needs to be like that. See it with different eyes. It is not work it is a conscious decision to invest in yourself, to give worth to yourself, cause you mean a lot to you. Energy follows attention and what we water that grows. By watering yourself, you grow How else should you start seeing yourself as sacred? There more you invest in yourself the more precious you become to yourself, cause you know how much effort it takes. Your energy becomes sacred and worthy and your choices who and what has access to you will change.

On top of that by accepting your own worthiness you help all of us. As you will remind others to see their own worthiness. 

By learning step by step to value your life and seeing the sacredness of being alive you will notice some habits, relationships and beliefs that are not serving you as they are feeding a version of yourself that thinks she is not worthy of more. And that is amazing. Shed your skin! 

There is a path to go to remember your own birthright. To me i tried for years to explain myself my worthiness and find reasons why I am worthy and I did find them. But what was the game changer was accepting that I do not have to do so. That I can let go of my own judgement and simply accept my worthiness and remind me on that every day. I am born worthy and I die worthy and this is eternal I  don’t need to convince myself on anything less than that.

So now, if I observe myself in appreciating a success that makes me belief I am worthy – I tell myself to celebrate me, yes definitely but also remind myself that this is not the reason why I deserve good things, that this is not showing me to be good enough. I remind myself that I am worthy anyways and just enjoy the moment of celebration. Side note, there should also not be any reasons to celebrate yourself. Celebrate yourself fully!

What is really important for all of us is letting go of judgement. Who are we to judge existence? What force is driving us to do that? Why are we choosing to follow that force, that tells us to judge? Love is not judging, compassion is not judging, acceptance is not judging.

It is on all of us to make conscious choices in this pivotal time we are in.

The times where we point with our fingers on each other are gone. This is ridiculous and immature, and there is no other reason in doing that, as in trying to focus the energy away from you. But inside of you is exactly where this energy needs to go.

Love Sheila

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