Balancing Your Emotions or How to stay Centered in Times of rapid Change and Movement

Balancing Your Emotions or How to stay Centered in Times of rapid Change and Movement

The year of 2024 is already heading into spring. I don’t know how the first two months were for you, but what I experienced was fast moving energy, shifts and changes all around me.  In those times where it feels to us, as if live is just taking over, how can we truly surrender, be flexible and centered. How to not loose ourselves in circumstances we cannot change?

Whenever life speeds up, we tend easily to forget about our self-care routine, we tend to feel stuck, overwhelmed or even anxious. Our emotions are tacking over, we are loosing ground. And it is in these times of rapid change, where it often feels so difficult to take good care, to be able to hold space for ourselves.

There was a moment in my life, where I decided that I could not allow outer circumstances to affect by well-being as much as they did . A moment of feeling powerless and just overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. I allowed something to disconnect me from my power, from myself.

In this moment i realized that that I have the power within to change how I react and that things are not happening to me but are just happening. I was coming out of the state of being a victim to what happens to me and entering a state of taking responsibility for how you feel about the things that happen.

I am not talking about suppressing your emotions but allowing them to be whilst taking care of you. Holding space for all the emotions that are present. Without judgement, without the need to understand them or to find their root. It is simple as that, just sit with it. Sit with what ever is present. Allow yourself to feel. Don’t even try to change your feelings immediately into something else. Just get still and be there for you. If any form of emotional release occurs go with it, surrender and embrace that you are already letting go of something that was inside of you. Show yourself that whatever you feel is ok, that you are ok, that you are worthy to be seen by yourself. Acknowledge what is and witness, just witness and be soft. Remember that we want to let go of any tension, any feeling of being stuck or blockages that limits us, anything that stresses us. This is what we call „to hold space“ just be there with your presence and without judgement.

But how to take care of you, when everything seems to crumble?

I recommend you to implement techniques and tools to ground you, to center yourself in your daily lives. Not only then when things get overwhelming but more as a daily routine. As you have a variety of resources that you know for keeping the balance, you will always manage to find what fits for the moment. 

Simple as laying on the earth for 20 minutes, or going for a walk in nature are easy tools that ground you. That reconnect you with yourself. The only blockage to just do it, is usually ourselves, procrastination, lack of self loving discipline, excuses or low willpower. I do not say this to blame anyone. It is more to remind us to be truly honest with ourselves, to meet ourselves even in our procrastination. If 20 minutes is to long, do three deep belly breaths or keep on going if it feels good and you have time.

I give you here four tools to  easily center yourself:


  1. Meditation:
    I often hear how hard it is to start meditating. My tipp, don’t push yourself to hard. Set the intention to do one form of meditation a day. This can be singing a song or a mantra, lightning a candle and think of three things you are grateful for, take a bath and be present, sit in the sun, do some breathing exercises, work with affirmations, pet your cat. meditation is about being present, being fully in the now.
  2. Nature:
    Go into nature, open the window and feel the air and expand, do some gardening, or work with your pot plants, go for a walk, lay on the earth, go to the beach, sit on a bench in nature, walk barefoot or connect with the elements: make a bonfire, swim in water, watch the clouds or the stars, touch the earth, hug a tree, lean on a tree, collect a flower bucket, harvest some fruits, berries or herbs.
  3. Visualisation:
    Visualize yourself and you central energy channel, visualize yourself and  „your“ roots going deep into the earth, visualize your heartbeat, or your bloodstream, observe your breath
  4. Herbs
    There is a variety of herbs and essential oils you can use to ground. Work with Lavender, that is calming down your nervous system and reduces stress. The Kava Root or the Passionflower are also known for their relaxing properties. Chamomile may be a more know alternative. Disclaimer: I give here only recommendations out of my personal experience, I am neither a doctor, herbalist nor expert in that field. If you resonate with the information given here, take the necessary steps to individualize them accordingly to your own needs and seek further information.

To center us may seem like hard work at the beginning. Even if some of this techniques help immediately, to really feel balanced and empowered we really do ourselves a favor if we  practice daily. Start seeing this as prevention tools. So if anything happens that shakes you, you can stay in your center more easily, you learned to breath through it.

It is all the little baby steps we take that shift our habits. There will be days when nothing works, when we just do not have the energy to do what usually feels good to us or what we know would be helpful. Hold the intention, slow and steady, with consistency the balance will come.

There is so much more to say about a balances lifestyle. In this blog post, I referred to how we come back into our center, how to ground. We often tend to forget, that it is those little things that make a huge difference. That the simplicity of being grounded opens up such a variety of possibilities in how we react.

Witnessing that in-between three long belly breaths so much space opens up inside of us. Moments of stillness, make us remember that we have the power to direct our emotions. That it is not our emotions ruling over us.

Only what is unconscious has the ability to take over. With gaining presence, you gain power. The moments of not reacting immediately, may bring you the peace you seek. Freeing yourself from being overwhelmed by your emotions is pure liberation. Pure self-empowerment. Realizing that it is you that holds the power to shape your reality.

If I get overwhelmed by my emotions, feeling everything is just out of control I know that it is the simplicity of by breath, my anchor, that brings me back into the now. Brings me back to that moment, where everything is fine, where there is no past and no tomorrow. No fears and no projections. Where it is just me and my breath. Breath of Life, Key of Life.

If you feel you are heavily overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, seek additional guidance and support. We do not have to carry everything by ourselves.

If you are interested to work with me, contact me <3

Love Sheila

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